Fairy Party Games and Treats



Here are som ideas for fairy fun party games and yummy treats!  (If you have your own favorites that you would like to share, please email them to me at: faeryspellcreations@gmail.com, and I will post them here :)

Fairy Party Game Ideas:

Pin the star on the fairy's wand:

On  a sheet of heavy posterboard, draw and color in a fairy wand, minus the star on top.   Glue a bit of velcro to the top of wand (or you may use those little double sided sticky dots found in the office supply section of most stores.)  Cut stars out of construction paper (making them all different colors adds a whimsical touch, you can also decorate them with glitter to add a bit of fairy pizazz :).  Add velcro or double-sided sticky dots to the back of each star.  The game is played just like pin the tail on the donkey--blindfold each child, and hand them a star.  Turn them around three times, and point in the direction of the  wand.  Each child tries to get the star as close as they can to the top of the wand.


 Fairy Statues:

This follows the same principle as Musical Chairs.  Play some fairy music (get some from your local library if you don't already have some at home). Dance around the fairy circle - guests practice fairy flying, fluttering, swooping, gliding etc.  As soon as the music stops, each child must immediately stand as still as possible until the music begins again.  If someone moves, they are out.  The last child left wins the game.

Fairy Treasure Hunt:

A fairy was flying over the party and dropped some magic fairy coins. She told mommy that if the little fairies helped her look, they could keep the magic coins they found (you can get gold party coins at your local party supply for this--alternately you can use little acorn caps and paint them gold.) There will be great excitment in finding all of the coins and this will keep the fairies busy while the fairy picnic (cake, snacks) are being laid out. Fairies then return  in time for their yummy treats.

Pixie Dust Relay:

A fairy game idea that involves the care and handling of sparkling pixie dust!

Set up a course with obstacles like walking over a row of inner tubes, riding a tricycle around pylons or crawling under ropes.  Divide the children into teams and give each player a small paper cup. Choose the first racer for each team and fill those cups with a different color of glitter. When the first child completes her leg of the race, she must pour the glitter into her teammate's cup. The teammate must then complete the second part of the course and then pass the glitter to the third member of the team. Give prizes to the team that completes the course  first, and to the team that finishes with the most glitter :)

Fairy Party Snacks: 

Fairy Cream cheese and strawberry sandwiches:

Make some little sandwiches with cream cheese and strawberry (or other favorite flavor--honey is even good!) preserves

Get some star, heart, or other whimsically shaped cookie cutters to cut sandwiches into little shapes.


Jewel Salad:

Cut assorted melons and fruits of your choice with heart, star, diamond etc. shaped cookie cutters. Sprinkle with 'fairy dust' ( shredded coconut, or powdered sugar :) 


Littlest Elf Crackers:

Crackers with cheese (that is cut into star shapes with your cookie cutters) placed on top.  You may also add ham, chicken, or any meat of your choice if you desire (also cut into shapes.)


Fairy Wands:

Pretzel sticks, large or small, dipped in white chocolate, dark chocolate, or icing and then dipped in candy sprinkles or shaved coconut (for dark chocolate).


Fairy Gems:

Set out a decorative bowl full  of a colorful assortement of jellybeans (or dried fruits if preferred.)


Pixie Sticks:

Thread pink marshmallows and strawberries (or other fruit) onto kebab sticks (make sure to blunt the sharp ends afterwards to prevent ouchies!)




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